The Lake District

Where do I start….apart from the fact that both my husband and I love the Lake District and its very much our happy place….in fact we’d love to move there!

You see its half term or has been this week and we’ve just got back from a fabulous few days in the Lake District. We also had the most amazing weather too – those crisp sunny days where there isn’t a cloud in the sky but winter is nipping at your heels. When the weather is like that, it makes the Lakes sparkle even more!

The view from Sawrey House Hotel

We stayed at our usual hotel – Sawrey House Hotel which for us now feels like home from home we’ve stayed there so many times, but we just love it. The hotel itself is so beautiful, with so much history and character which has been lovingly restored by the owner David. The staff are always so welcoming, the food wonderful and then there is the view from the dining room which is just simply stunning!

The driveway to Sawrey House Hotel

The hotel is situated in the beautiful lakeland village of Near Sawrey, home to Beatrix Potter & her home which is now looked after by the National Trust

Beatrix Potter’s Hilltop

Near Sawrey is just so magical, I’m a huge Beatrix Potter fan and just love being in the same village where she wrote and created all her beautiful books. Its a really quaint village, we go walking if the weather is nice but most of the time we love just sitting in the local pub Bank Arms

Tower Bank Arms

There is nothing better than sitting by their roaring fire drinking a pint of their local pale ale!

The beautiful original fireplace at The Tower Bank Arms.

The pub also does the most amazing food and also offers accommodation too.

There is just so much to do in the Lake District, that you really can never be bored. Another of our favourite haunts is Keswick and especially Derwentwater. An old Market town it has so many gorgeous shops, cafes plus of course its markets. Derwentwater is stunning in any season.

….until the next trip

Sarah (aka the Teachers Wife)


Your Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health day & across social media and the news you will see and read so much about it which is good in my books as we don’t talk enough generally. It’s almost like we are embarrassed as a nation to discuss our mental health and wellbeing and see it as a sign of weakness but it is quite the opposite!

The irony is that we now spend so much time on our computers, phones (you’re reading this on one!) that we have almost forgotten how to talk to people, open up. We’re all confident chatting online yet when it comes to face to face many of us shy away. Social media can also have such a damaging effect on our mental health as well – everyone trying to be the best, have the best, online trolling, abuse that the very thing that can spread the word of mental health can also have such a damaging effect.

So it seems appropriate today that I should admit something. I myself suffer from terrible anxiety….have done for a while, but I am doing my best to try and control it. I literally worry about everything…get anxious and worried if someone hasn’t replied back to me on text….worry about how a conversation has gone in person or on the phone – did I say the right thing?……how was it received? I end up relaying that conversation over and over in my head. I get anxious and worried when I text my husband Mark & he doesn’t reply back for ages…..he is Type 1 Diabetic you see & I always start to worry that something has happened to him. When the truth is he is perfectly fine but just been in lessons teaching with no access to his phone. I get anxious and worried about things that haven’t even happened yet & as for flying – well my anxiety goes off the scale! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Social situations as well – recently I just can’t handle….my safe place is my home with Mark or with both of our families – I feel safe with them. I could go on as my list is endless.

When you think about it in the cold light of day, it seems so ridiculous really, I mean you can’t change what has happened or been said so why get so anxious and worried about things. I also can’t change what may happen in the future or how things will turn out – so again why I do I get myself in a state about stuff?! I really envy those people who are so chilled and laid back!

So there you go…I have terrible anxiety which does affect my mental health and sometimes gets me so down. I may seem like a happy, fun sort of person but behind closed doors can be so very different some days. It feels quite liberating to put it out there – only 2 people knew before – my husband Mark and my best friend Kathy, so if it helps one more person to realise they are not the only one then I will be happy.

Most importantly don’t suffer in silence, talk to someone about what is troubling you, don’t feel embarrassed and please don’t see it as a sign of weakness as it really isn’t – you are brave for opening up. If you see someone looking down or not themselves – just a quick “You ok” “Want to chat” could mean the world.

Sarah xx

Autumn has arrived!

I think we can safely say that Autumn is well and truly here! The nights are drawing in, the mornings are becoming fresher, the leaves are turning and there are mountains of pumpkins in the shops! Have you noticed that there are even tiny little ickle pumpkins this year everywhere called Munchkins….too cute and of course had to buy some for my Autumn display at home which I’m slowly adding too!

I’ve gone for a mix this year. The white ones I bought from Cedar Farm Markets (a fab market held once a month in Lancashire) and the orange ones from good old Morrisons. Had an Ebay purchase of some other autumnal items which I am waiting to be delivered and my autumnal display will be finished all ready for an Instagram worthy photo! 🤣

We also had a trip to Astley Park Hall near Chorley over the weekend – they had an Apple Fayre which was lovely….but most importantly we went conker hunting!! Taking us back to childhood but such fun to be out in the open, enjoying the fresh air and being away from our phones. Not as successful as we’d hoped – we only found 2 but still its 2 for the display 😁

Another place we went to at the weekend – (we had a busy weekend) was Kenyon Hall Farm where they had the most fab Pumpkin Parade.

Rows and rows of pumpkins – more than I have ever seen before but was lovely to see. We are all so used to seeing pumpkins in the supermarket all perfectly placed that it was really refreshing to see them in a farm, all fresh, lying in the field….just resting waiting to be picked by a family and be taken home to be carved and all the enjoyment that brings!

So I think we can safely say Autumn is here……..don’t worry though will soon be Christmas! 🤩

Have a fab week


aka The Teachers Wife

A funny sort of week

Last week was a strange one….full of elation followed by sadness. Life was definitely moving in mysterious ways last week, reminding us again that life is very fragile but to also take those risks we are contemplating.

We lost Mark’s Uncle last week….taken far too young and far too soon. He was such a lovely person and will be very much missed by us all….another reminder to us that life is short and the decision we have made to buy a new build is completely the right one.

So whilst we were grieving for the life lost, we also went to the new build site to check over the plans of our new house and its progress & we weren’t disappointed

We still loved it, we still got the excited feeling whilst we were going through everything & knew that we were completely making the right decision. I can’t wait to move in & start furnishing, decorating to our taste & making it our home. We intend to stay there a very long time!

So much paperwork though…we lost count of the amount of forms we had to sign, plans we had to check but all so very exciting!

So just our house to sell now, but we’re keeping positive about that….as I keep saying – “if its meant to be, it will happen”……and that’s what we have to remember!

Have a super week whatever you are doing!!

Sarah xx

Who am I?

Hi! 👋🏻

Thanks so much for dropping by, hope you enjoy reading all about our adventures.

So who am I?

I’m Sarah, 42 and a half (the half is very important) and I am married to a Teacher – Mark. We live in the North West of England with Milo our cat who is very handsome (he agrees!) and who has us both wrapped around his little paws! His wish is our command!!

Mark and I met 10 years ago down south & married just over 2 years ago – the best day of my life by far ❤️ I somehow managed to move him to the North West over 9 years ago! Still not sure how I did that!

I love all things to do with the home, am a bit of a hincher if truth be told! I am also an avid tea drinker (drink far too much really) lover of the Lake District, keen amateur photographer and all things vintage. We also love travelling too, exploring new countries and places – mostly so Mark can scratch another country off his map!

We’ve currently got our renovated house on the market (please somebody buy it! 🙏🏻) as we have our eye on a new build, but more of that later 😁

I do hope you find these blogs entertaining and amusing and hopefully relatable too.

Until next time…..

Sarah (aka The Teachers Wife) 👩🏼‍💻 xx