A funny sort of week

Last week was a strange one….full of elation followed by sadness. Life was definitely moving in mysterious ways last week, reminding us again that life is very fragile but to also take those risks we are contemplating.

We lost Mark’s Uncle last week….taken far too young and far too soon. He was such a lovely person and will be very much missed by us all….another reminder to us that life is short and the decision we have made to buy a new build is completely the right one.

So whilst we were grieving for the life lost, we also went to the new build site to check over the plans of our new house and its progress & we weren’t disappointed

We still loved it, we still got the excited feeling whilst we were going through everything & knew that we were completely making the right decision. I can’t wait to move in & start furnishing, decorating to our taste & making it our home. We intend to stay there a very long time!

So much paperwork though…we lost count of the amount of forms we had to sign, plans we had to check but all so very exciting!

So just our house to sell now, but we’re keeping positive about that….as I keep saying – “if its meant to be, it will happen”……and that’s what we have to remember!

Have a super week whatever you are doing!!

Sarah xx

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