Autumn has arrived!

I think we can safely say that Autumn is well and truly here! The nights are drawing in, the mornings are becoming fresher, the leaves are turning and there are mountains of pumpkins in the shops! Have you noticed that there are even tiny little ickle pumpkins this year everywhere called Munchkins….too cute and of course had to buy some for my Autumn display at home which I’m slowly adding too!

I’ve gone for a mix this year. The white ones I bought from Cedar Farm Markets (a fab market held once a month in Lancashire) and the orange ones from good old Morrisons. Had an Ebay purchase of some other autumnal items which I am waiting to be delivered and my autumnal display will be finished all ready for an Instagram worthy photo! 🤣

We also had a trip to Astley Park Hall near Chorley over the weekend – they had an Apple Fayre which was lovely….but most importantly we went conker hunting!! Taking us back to childhood but such fun to be out in the open, enjoying the fresh air and being away from our phones. Not as successful as we’d hoped – we only found 2 but still its 2 for the display 😁

Another place we went to at the weekend – (we had a busy weekend) was Kenyon Hall Farm where they had the most fab Pumpkin Parade.

Rows and rows of pumpkins – more than I have ever seen before but was lovely to see. We are all so used to seeing pumpkins in the supermarket all perfectly placed that it was really refreshing to see them in a farm, all fresh, lying in the field….just resting waiting to be picked by a family and be taken home to be carved and all the enjoyment that brings!

So I think we can safely say Autumn is here……..don’t worry though will soon be Christmas! 🤩

Have a fab week


aka The Teachers Wife

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